ASP.NET components
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Our products are targeted for ASP.NET although some (StructsViz for example) can be used in any other .NET Framework area like Windows Forms.

We are offering the following products:

  • PagerDataSource: A fully customizable pager that can act as a data source. If can be used to add paging with no code at all using the DataSourceControls introduced in ASP.NET 2.0. The PagerDataSource can be used to improve indexing of a site by search engines spiders.
  • ExtendedObjectDataSource: A replacement for the ObjectDataSource with more features, extensibility and speed.
  • StructsViz: A collection of graphical DebuggerVisualizers for the .NET Framework data structures or for custom data structures.

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Our Products in the World

The following map shows in red the countries where our products are being used:

Our products in the world

Featured Customers

  • BBC Motion Gallery
  • Royal Bank of Scottland
  • Portland General Electric