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ObjectDataSource vs ExtendedDataSource package

The table below summarizes the key differences between the ObjectDataSource and all the controls of the ExtendedDataSource package. Notation used in the table:

  • ODS: ObjectDataSource control that ships with 2.0.
  • COMPAT: CompatibleObjectDataSource control.
  • EXTENDED: ExtendedObjectDataSource control.

Functionality ODS Compat Extended
Functionality ODS Compat Extended
SelectMethod is the only method needed if we want to perform custom paging no no yes
Dynamic generation of MSIL to call to the methods and set properties instead of using reflection (more than 20 times faster than reflection) no yes yes
DataObjectType instantiation control no yes yes
Full filtering support for the select operation (without relying in DataView.RowFilter) no yes yes
Filtering using individual strongly typed filter parameters no yes yes
Ability to implement custom caching functionality no yes yes
Automatically assign AffectedRows for the Insert, Update and Delete operations no yes yes
Works properly with a culture that it's not compatible with the InvariantCulture no yes yes
Design time support for generics. no yes yes
Run time support for generics. no yes yes
Ability to add or remove parameters in the Inserting, Updating or Deleting events if using custom objects no yes yes
Design-time wizard yes yes yes
Easy to extend or modify no yes yes
Source code available no yes(*) yes(*)
Helper classes to boost development of custom data source controls similar to the ObjectDataSource no yes(*) yes(*)
Ability to call an arbitrary constructor for the TypeName no yes yes
Cache data if sorting and filtering is enabled no no yes
* If you purchase the source code