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ExtendedObjectDataSource sample website

This website contains some samples and information showing how to use the CompatObjectDataSource and the ExtendedObjectDataSource in different scenarios.

the CompatObjectDataSource and the ExtendedObjectDataSource are a replacement for the standard ObjectDataSource that provide more speed, more extensibility and more features.

The main difference between both controls is that the ExtendedObjectDataSource does not need the SelectCountMethod as it can retrieve the total row count using an output parameter in the select method. Another difference is that the ExtendedObjectDataSource can cache data when filtering and/or sorting is used, but the CompatObjectDataSource can not.

Note that the CompatObjectDataSource and the ExtendedObjectDataSource can be configured to work with any class to perform the select, insert, update or delete operations. Normally you will connect them to a bussiness fa├žade class or to a data access layer class.

The following class diagram shows the class used for the select, insert, update and delete operations in most of the samples:


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For the full feature list, licensing and pricing information visit the ExtendedObjectDataSource product page.