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# Saturday, December 23, 2006

When you spent more time in a chair than in bed you have to take care of your back and choose a good chair. I was using a SteelCase Leap chair until now but I have never been really comfortable with it and last month I realized that the back of the chair was more twisted than usual in a side. It is still on warranty so it will be fixed but they will take more than a month to repair it.

Therefore, it was a perfect moment to buy a new chair and I decided to not make the same mistake again so I purchased a Herman Miller Aeron Titanium Chair Size B with posture fit. It was really expensive but if I think in the number of hours that I will be using the chair and in my back health, it is money well invested.

Here are a couple of pics of the chair:


Everyone who tries it is very happy with it but when I told them how much it costs they say I’m crazy. Time will tell…

Here (in Spain) most companies I know buy very cheap chairs. I’m curious to know what happens in other countries.

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