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Introduction - Manuel Abadia's ASP.NET stuff
# Monday, January 2, 2006

Welcome to my blog.

Here is my short bio:

Manuel Abadia was born in Orihuela (Spain) in 1978.

He had his MS Degree in Computer Science (Univ. Murcia, Spain). He is a Freelance Developer and Trainer in Murcia (Spain). He was the Developer for the MoviTAP project that won the first prize in the Microsoft and Vodafone mobile web Services contest.

He has done some external work in companies like Namco America Inc. and Gaelco SA.

He has contributed to the MAME project ( for some years and continues to do so eventually.

I plan to post here things mainly related to, but from time to time probably I'll post something about my other hobbies (electric guitar, video games...)

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