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WPF/E - First impressions - Manuel Abadia's ASP.NET stuff
# Tuesday, December 19, 2006

I haven’t paid too much attention to WPF but after the first CTP of WPF/E I was curious to see what is the status of WPF/E (mostly, because I had a project in mind that needed some vector graphics and I was going to use SVG to do it) so I installed it and take a quick look at it.

You can install it here:

And an introduction video can be watched here:

The truth is that I am a bit dissapointed with it, but don’t get me wrong. WPF/E is a cool idea in the initial stages of development, so with a bit of luck it can evolve to something really useful. However, this initial release lacks a lot of stuff:
- there isn’t any direct pixel manipulation method available making this a very limiting factor for games.
- there isn’t any input control.
- missing keyboard support.
- Also there isn’t a linux version yet.
- The SDK samples aren't as good as the ones shown in the video.

Hopefully those problems will be addressed in future releases if Microsoft wants to create something that can replace flash in a lot of scenarios. Currently is only usable for displaying charts, shapes and video.

Also, as a MSDN professional subscriber, I’m a bit pissed of because the Microsoft Expression suite isn’t available to us, but that’s another story…

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