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Hardware Problems - Manuel Abadia's ASP.NET stuff
# Thursday, February 8, 2007

Last week my hard disk started making some strange sounds and stopped responding for a few seconds. I rebooted the PC to see if it was a temporary issue but then a INSERT SYSTEM DISK message appeared because the system wasn't able to access the disk anymore.

I started to panic because I had a lot of stuff that I haven't backup in quite a while and there are very few things that I hate more than doing something that I have already done. Also, I didn't have any of those Linux live CDs to see if I could save something. I turned on the PC several times that day to see if it was booting but I wasn't lucky. That night I didn't sleep very well.

The next morning, I was going to take the PC for repair but before doing that I tried it again and it worked. Sometimes the hard disk stopped responding for some seconds but I was able to save everything I wanted. Lesson learned. I don't have to be so lazy when and do backups more often.

I got a replacement for the hard disk and it was time to reinstall everything. My PC really needed a reinstall because it was very messy after 2 years of use but I didn't had time and energy to do it. So this sounded like a good oportunity to install Vista so I inserted the x64 spanish version (that arrived just a few days ago from my MSDN subscription). My first impression wasn't very good because after installing Vista internet was really slow and the sound wasn't working. Also, I was a bit biased because of the bad comments that have been on the net about Vista. The first thing that Vista did was to connect to windows update and found 30MB of updates. It took more than 1 hour to download those updates. Fortunately after the update, everything was working good.

After that I installed SQL Server 2005 and Visual Studio 2005 and got the PC ready to work. The installation was a bit problematic because of some Vista incompatibilities but finally managed to get it running. I hope Microsoft will completely fix those Vista issues soon.

Now I have to recover the time lost...

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