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NDoc has died… long live to SandCastle! - Manuel Abadia's ASP.NET stuff
# Tuesday, September 5, 2006

The NDoc creators where spending a lot of time with the project with very little (if any) economic reward as it is happening in most open source projects (my personal experience with M.A.M.E. was even worse, because us (the developers) didn’t get a buck but a lot of people outside the team were getting tons of money, illegally selling it in cabinets or creating commercial console (or computer) arcade packs using the MAME source code without permission…) So, they have discontinued NDoc.

As Visual Studio 2005 didn’t come with a documentation generator (as Visual Studio 2003 had) this was a big problem for the dot net community, but Microsoft reacted quickly and created SandCastle, a cool documentation project. The problem is that SandCastle is in beta stage and it doesn’t have any GUI yet so you have to run several executables one after another to get the documentation. You can download the current version here:

And there is a nice blog about information in how to use the executables to get the documentation done here:

As most people (myself included) don’t want to spent a lot of time and neurons in order to build a CHM documentation file, Eric Woodruff has provided a nice GUI that makes using SandCastle straightforward (and it’s very similar to the one provided by NDoc):

If you are curious, here you have a screenshot of the generated CHM file using the most common settings:

 SandCastle documentation

And talking about sandcastles… here are two from my visit to Torrevieja (Spain) this summer:

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