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# Friday, February 10, 2006

Another year and another Grammy that Steve Vai lost.

This time the one who "won" the best rock instrumental performance (the only Grammy I really pay attention to) was Les Paul, "The father of the electric guitar". I've heard 69 Freedom Special and IMHO Lotus Feet is a lot better, but you now what a Grammy is... I can understand that music is very subjective and everybody has his preferences, so congrats to Les Paul.

However what happened last year was an armed robbery. Just listen to Brian Wilson's Mrs O'Leary's cow (a two minute "song") and then to Steve Vai's Whispering a prayer. Jeff Beck's songs were very good but this... speechless!

I'm telling this because I really like Steve Vai's music. I don't travel too much and last November I went to Madrid (500 Km from home) just to see him live. It was an awesome 4 hour show (my girlfriend was a bit sceptic because he only knew some songs but she loved it too). Here's a pic of the show:


Just in case you haven't listened to Steve Vai I'll recommend you to listen to “The Seventh Song”. Even my parents like it ;-)
Steve Vai makes music for a lot of people. “Non-initiated people” usually like ballads only, so that’s why I recommend you to listen to “The Seventh Song” because it has only ballads on it. If you like to go deeper into his music you can listen to “Passion and Warfare”. His official web site is:

IMHO his latest album, Real Illusions: Reflections, is not one of his best, but there are great songs in it. One of the greatest moments of the show was when Steve played the tapping of Building the Church (listen to Whitesnake’s Sweet Lady Luck to listen to a similar tapping by Steve Vai). Fortunately I was able to record a few minutes of the show with my digital camera so you can download the solo here (use save as to download it. You need to have a XVID codec to watch it. The quality is not very good but it’s enough for me to remember that great show!).

Every time I watch it I’m tempted to pick up my guitar and start to learn that tapping, but after my quadruple tendonitis in my elbows (lateral epicondylitis and medial epicondylitis in both arms) trying to play Tender Surrender’s solo for hours I have to resign.

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