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Microsoft ASP.NET AJAX v1.0 released! - Manuel Abadia's ASP.NET stuff
# Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Finally the Microsoft AJAX library 1.0 has been released. Take a look to ScottGu's blog for the details:


What is really cool about this is that Microsoft has also released the full source code for the AJAX library. That move can give a lot of people that do not work with Microsoft related technologies a reason to try it and use it, and for the rest of us a chance to take a look to some of the internals if it is needed.


It is a shame that some parts of the initial ATLAS library like the Bindings didn’t make it in the final release. Anyway, they’re available in the AJAX Futures CTP and someday will be part of the official release.


Will this mean that we will see a lot of .NET developers working directly with the Microsoft AJAX library? IMHO, no. Probably most developers will use the Ajax Control Toolkit and the UpdatePanel to add AJAX capabilities to their projects.


Creating ASP.NET components that make use the client side of the Microsoft AJAX library is not easy: You need to know quite a bunch of stuff: a .NET programming language, ASP.NET, Javascript, HTML, DHTML, CSS, XML and AJAX Library internals… so I guess a lot of developers are out of luck.


Fortunately, Nikhil’s Script# can help a bit, and finally changed the type system to be compatible with the AJAX Library (I asked Nikhil about this a few months ago and I wasn’t sure that he will do it, but I’m glad he did!).


Also, there is a lot of other new stuff to look as a .NET developer: WPF, WCF, WF, LINQ, DLINQ, WPF/E. And if you’re using SQL Server 2005, there are a lot of new things to look at…


Personally I have to learn the Microsoft AJAX Library in detail but I’m also interested in learning Windows Workflow Foundation, so I’m not sure in what to center my attention at the moment.

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Tuesday, April 10, 2007 12:07:36 AM (Romance Daylight Time, UTC+02:00)

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