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Jorge Salan Show @ Sala Gamma, Murcia, 14/12/2007 - Manuel Abadia's ASP.NET stuff
# Monday, December 17, 2007

I thought that I wasn’t going to any show until 2008 when I found out that Jorge Salan was coming back to our city again! However, he was not coming alone. The ads had 3 bands: Opera Magna, Jorge Salan and House of Shakira without specifying which ones were the support bands. I only knew Jorge’s music but I was willing to buy the ticket even if he only played a few songs.

I went to the show with my girlfriend. She was a bit skeptical because she had only listened to Jorge Salan in my car and she doesn’t like metal. We arrived early to Sala Gamma. We were allowed to enter just when the sound check finished, and we saw Jorge Salan going from the toilet to the backstage. We positioned ourselves in the first row, a little bit to the left. At 23:10 the first band (Opera Magna) appeared. Here are a couple of pictures of the band:




Their playing style was metal and they seem to be very competent in what they were doing. Both guitarists were good, but I was impressed by the technique of F. Javier Nula. A lot of sweeping and two hand tapping. Take a look at one of the solos here:


I have to say that I enjoyed their music even if it was the first time I listen to most of it (I saw a couple of videos about them in youtube before going to the show).

After them, the stage was being prepared for Jorge Salan. The guy that was setting up the guitars was friendly and let me took a pic of the set list:


The show started with Under the Moon. This time I did hear the keyboards, but in the first songs the main guitar was a bit low (especially in the solos) so it was difficult to hear it at times. Fortunately it was fixed some time later, and for some unknown reason, in the videos I took, the guitar was perfectly audible. Anyway, it was an awesome performance.



Dedication sounded great, with a cool outro, where Jorge approached to Jordi so you can see a hand by hand of both guitarists. That repeated quite a few times in the show.

One way followed. Just to be picky, it was a moment where Jorge didn’t sing and the other members didn’t cover him properly, other than that perfect.


It was time for a couple of instrumentals: driving through the tunnel and the endless battle. It‘s a pleasure to see and hear how the band redefine its own songs. Before playing the endless battle, Jordi (that is left handed) played Jorge’s guitar (that is right handed), making the freak moment of the show.


Jorge told us that he will start recording his next album soon, and the show followed with I’ll be waiting and damned land. Cool!


Then, it was time for the intimate moment of the night: Relaxation. I love that song. It sounded beautiful, and ended with some kind of duel between Jordi and Jorge. Take a look at the videos below. As an anecdote I think Jordi broke his sunglasses after the song.


To finish the show, Jorge chose something harder: no salvation. I was speechless as the other time I saw it. It is incredibly complex to play and he makes it so easy!

It was a shame that he only played 9 songs but the setlist was really awesome. A thing I'd like to see more from Jorge is to have more eye contact with the crowd. I'll comment it to him in the future.

I was lucky to get a pick from Jorge and a pick from Jordi. I’m looking forward the new tour when the new album is released!


Some videos of the show follow:

Under the moon




Jordi and Jorge soloing


I was hoping that my girlfriend enjoyed the show, but I was a bit surprised that she really loved them. She was completely blown away by the performance and skills of the band, and later by the naturalness and friendship of the band, so she won’t miss a show of them from now on.

After Jorge Salan, it was the turn of House of Shakira. Some people leave while they were setting up the stage. Even if they were the main band, it doesn’t look like that. The firsts rows were empty when they started to play, and very few people actually sing their songs. The set list was:


They sounded good, but without knowing their songs and playing after Jorge I didn’t pay too much attention to them, especially when Jorge Salan and their members leave the backstage and went to the bar. The people started to talk with them and to take photographs with them. It is great to be able to have that interaction with the band.

I talked a bit with Jordi, and he told me that he’s currently writing a book about playing the guitar, and when he finishes it, he will record a CD. Good luck with your projects Jordi!

Then I talk a bit with Jorge. I asked him if he has perfect pitch, and he told me: “Well, if you play a note I can tell you which one is, however, I know people that can tell you the 25 notes that sound when you sit down on a piano”. He also told me that the new record will be more hard rock and that he’ll try to play Enchanted by you in the next tour. I really want to see that and Chase the fire live.

Finally I talked a bit with Fernando (the bassist). When you look at his face you can realize that he’s a good-natured man. He told me a bit about his berklee adventure and an elbow tendinitis he had and that fortunately is history now.


While all of this was happening, House of Shakira kept playing. I felt a bit sad for them as the crowd didn’t seem too much involved in the show, so I hope they didn’t return to Sweden with a bad taste of their Spanish show. Here are some pics of the band and a video of them for completeness:






To sum up, a great night with very talented musicians. For me it was a God’s present, as I’m a bit burned out at the end of the year and I need those kinds of breaks.

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